Brave Aerial Rescue: Vet Flies to Save Injured Elephant in Amboseli National Park

In a high-stakes operation, a veterinary expert from Tsavo was airlifted by a DSWT (David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust) plane to Amboseli National Park to attend to a distressed elephant bull displaying alarming signs of injury.

The senior warden of Amboseli National Park alerted authorities about the lone bull’s struggle near Kimana gate, battling to walk with an evident injury to one of its limbs.

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Upon arrival, the vet discovered the majestic bull beneath a tree, visibly injured and alone. Swiftly, darting equipment and immobilization drugs were prepared, successfully administering 18 mg of Etorphine to the elephant.

The bull descended into lateral recumbency, enabling the vet to examine and treat a deep penetrating wound on its left hind leg, just above the sole area, with pus visibly oozing out.

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Assisted by a dedicated team, the vet meticulously cleaned the wound, removed necrotic tissues, and applied green clay for protection.

Long-acting antibiotics were administered intramuscularly, and dexamethasone Hcl was given intravenously through the ear. The suspected cause of the injury, a spear, added urgency and concern to the rescue mission.

Following the successful treatment, the team withdrew, allowing the vet to administer the reversal drug.

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The anesthesia was reversed using three times the Etorphine dose with Diprenorphine.

Despite evident struggle, the massive elephant stood up and walked away slowly.

The prognosis remains guarded due to a joint infection, requiring repeat treatment for improved chances of healing.

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This daring rescue mission highlights wildlife conservation teams’ unwavering dedication and prompt action to safeguard the well-being of iconic creatures like the injured elephant bull in Amboseli National Park.

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