Rescued: A Bull’s Triumph Over the Deadly Grip of Snares

In yet another demonstration of the peril snares poses to wildlife, a recent incident underscored the profound danger these traps present, even to the mightiest creatures.

However, amidst this grim reality, a heartening tale of rescue emerged as a bull elephant was liberated from the clutches of a lethal snare.

The narrative unfolded during a routine helicopter patrol on September 11 when a pilot spotted a massive bull elephant in the Athi River.

Upon closer inspection, it became evident that the majestic creature was trapped, its front left foot entangled in a sinister trap.

Swift action was imperative. The pilot promptly returned to Kaluku Field Headquarters to summon reinforcements and secure a camera for documentation—a vital step in assessing the situation and planning effective treatment.

As aerial snapshots were taken, a fixed-wing pilot descended to Voi to retrieve Dr. Limo and the mobile veterinary unit from SWT/KWS.

Simultaneously, the K9 unit from SWT/KWS and KWS rangers mobilized to monitor the bull’s condition at its last known location.

With the team assembled, the SWT helicopter safely transported Dr. Limo to the scene. Immediate treatment was administered from above, guiding the distressed bull to a safe landing spot for further assistance from ground teams.

Left unattended, the snare would have spelled certain death for the bull. Tightened around his foreleg, it inflicted excruciating pain and infection.

Fortunately, timely intervention spared his life. Dr. Limo and his team removed the snare, meticulously cleaned the wound, administered antibiotics, and applied healing green clay.

With care and expertise, the bull regained his strength, rising to his feet and reclaiming his majestic presence.

This narrative serves as a poignant reminder of the dire consequences of snares, emphasizing the critical role of aerial surveillance and ground interventions.

Through dedicated patrols and swift responses to distress calls, our teams protect wildlife and safeguard their habitats.

Pilots and ground personnel ensure the safety and well-being of animals in Tsavo National Park by combatting illegal activities and preempting the setting of snares.

Thanks to their timely intervention, this bull elephant has been spared, poised to roam the expanses of Tsavo for years to come.

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