Rama’s Remarkable Journey: Overcoming Isolation and Adversity

In the early days of the year, distressing news reached us about a young calf stranded on El Kerama Ranch in Laikipia.

This three-year-old calf, grappling with loneliness and hindered mobility due to severely bowed back legs, urgently needed our help.

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The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) swiftly responded to the call.

Upon arriving, the SWT/KWS team assessed the calf’s condition, revealing a congenital disability in his hind legs.

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While he didn’t require immediate treatment, his isolation persisted, making him vulnerable to predators.

After weeks of no reunion, KWS decided to rescue the orphan and bring him into care.

Due to his size, air transport was not an option. A ground operation was meticulously planned, using an elephant moving truck to transport the calf from Nanyuki to El Kerama Ranch.

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The rescue mission, scheduled for February 1, hit a moment of anxiety when the calf went missing. A thorough search revealed the little one hiding in a thicket, safe but frightened.

Tranquilized and transported to the Nursery in Nairobi, the calf, named Rama as a tribute to his birthplace, found comfort next to Kiasa, another orphan.

Despite initial health challenges, including a severe worm infestation, Rama’s resilience shone through. With diligent care, he overcame collapsing episodes and regained strength post-parasite treatment.

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Introducing Rama to his peers became a priority. A stroll in the woods with younger orphans provided the companionship he craved, showcasing the heartwarming joy of newfound friendship.

Despite inexplicable health issues, including a rapid decline in vision, Rama’s indomitable spirit persisted.

Specialist consultations revealed a mystery surrounding his eyesight, yet Rama adapted, relying on his sense of smell and hearing.

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Today, Rama stands as a symbol of triumph over adversity. His infectious joy for life captivates everyone around him.

Despite his challenges during solitary weeks, Rama has proven himself a resilient fighter.

Loneliness is now a thing of the past, and with each passing day, his vision is gradually improving, promising a brighter future.

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