Playful Moments As Baby Elephants Enjoy Muddy Fun At Chester Zoo

Adorable scenes unfold as baby elephants engage in a delightful mudbath at Chester Zoo, nearly a year after the herd welcomed its newest member.

The playful calves were captured on Thursday, frolicking, rolling, and splashing around in the mud.

Image 1346

This lively display comes after the recent addition to the zoo’s Asian elephant herd—a male calf born to 20-year-old mother Sithami Hi-Way in January.

This joyful event occurred just a month after the birth of Indali Hi-Way and a year following the arrival of half-sister Nandita Hi-Way.

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The zoo, participating in a breeding program coordinated by the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA), expressed excitement over the dual births, emphasizing the significance of the highly social Hi Way family herd.

In a statement earlier this year, the zoo shared, “Two births in one month is momentous for our Hi Way family herd of Asian elephants. Elephants are highly social animals, which greatly boosts the group.”

Describing the birth of Sithami’s calf, the zoo detailed, “Mum Sithami delivered her calf onto the deep, soft sand, and her instincts immediately kicked in as she started to stimulate him, encouraging him to get to his feet by kicking up the sand around him.

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The rest of the herd gathered excitedly, and within just a few minutes, they had helped him up, which was a heartwarming sight.”

The Chester Zoo, with its commitment to sustaining the elephant population in Europe, continues to contribute to the conservation effort.

Despite being smaller than their African counterparts, Asian Elephants still hold the title of the largest terrestrial land mammals on the continent.

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