Kindani’s Triumph: Overcoming Nature’s Fury to Find Home and Happiness

Rescuing young elephants is never easy, and Kindani’s journey was a testament to resilience in the face of adversity.

Orphaned at a tender age, she encountered numerous challenges, including treacherous floods and unexpected emergencies, but her indomitable spirit saw her through.

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The mission to save Kindani began on April 2, 2018, when the KWS Community Warden alerted us of an orphaned baby elephant in Meru National Park.

Suspected to have been separated from her family due to human-wildlife conflict, this brave few-day-old calf, later named Kindani, followed KWS rangers to safety at the Kinna airstrip.

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Despite the challenges that awaited, the team decided to move Kindani to Nairobi Nursery temporarily before her final destination at Kaluku Field Headquarters in Tsavo.

The weather conditions in Nairobi, marked by intense storms and heavy rainfall, posed a significant challenge, making the journey for the fragile rescue difficult.

Despite the unsettling rain, Kindani found solace in a cozy stable in Nairobi with a nourishing milk bottle. However, the eventual move to Kaluku presented its own challenges.

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A makeshift stable meant for orphaned antelopes became Kindani’s temporary home until a helicopter transported her to Tsavo.

Tragically, Daphne, a pivotal figure in Kindani’s journey, passed away soon after Kindani arrived at Kaluku.

The challenges continued as the Athi River flooded, submerging Kindani’s stable and the staff quarters.

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Quick thinking by the Keepers relocated Kindani to the Sheldrick family’s home, saving her from the raging waters.

The turmoil persisted as temporary housing in an airplane hangar led to Kindani contracting pneumonia.

Despite the chaos and setbacks, the dedicated team worked tirelessly to ensure Kindani’s well-being, exemplifying unwavering commitment.

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Kindani recovered within two weeks in a remarkable turnaround, and her stable was rebuilt. Reunited with fellow elephant babies Kinyei and Bondeni, Kindani embraced a joyful life, strolling along the Athi River and playing under the shade of doum palms.

Despite her smaller size due to early challenges, Kindani’s intelligence shone through. In 2020, she and her companions moved to the Nairobi Nursery for a broader social experience and lush vegetation vital for her growth.

The relocation at midnight on September 3 proved to be a serene experience, with Kindani settling seamlessly into her new home.

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Adjusting to life at the Nursery took time, but Kindani’s enthusiasm for browsing and forming new friendships brought joy and contentment.

Ultimately, Kindani’s triumphant tale is one of overcoming nature’s fury, showcasing resilience, and finding happiness in the face of adversity.

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