Brave Blossom: Mobile Veterinary Unit Rescues Injured Elephant in Masai Mara

In a heartening rescue operation near Governor’s Camp in the Masai Mara Reserve, a group of dedicated rangers and guides aided an elderly male elephant known as ‘Blossom.’

The resilient pachyderm faced a challenging situation with an oozing pus wound on his right hind leg and an arrowhead lodged at the bottom of his trunk.

Expressing genuine concern for Blossom’s well-being, Masai Mara Reserve Rangers and Governor’s Camp guides promptly called in a mobile veterinary unit.

Despite the presence of an arrowhead, Blossom displayed remarkable composure throughout the rescue mission.

The veterinary team administered 15 doses of Etorphine hydrochloride for sedation, using a dan-inject dart delivered from the foot.

During the procedure, Blossom was accompanied by a protective young bull, showcasing their extraordinary bond.

The young bull remained vigilant, executing a few mock charges before stepping aside. After walking nearly 500 meters, Blossom was safely anesthetized.

Further examination revealed not one but two barbed arrowheads lodged in her body – one near the base of her trunk and the other in her left thigh.

Fortunately, it was determined that neither arrowhead was poisoned. The injuries were meticulously treated with water, hydrogen peroxide, and a Tincture of Iodine.

Cloxacillin ointment was applied to prevent infection, and Blossom received 30,000 mgs of amoxicillin antibiotics and 5,000 mgs of flunixin meglumine anti-inflammatories.

The anesthesia was reversed with 36mgs Diprenorphine hydrochloride, and Blossom regained consciousness within three minutes, joyfully reuniting with his devoted companion.

This successful rescue underscores the vital role of veterinary teams in safeguarding the health and safety of elephants in their natural habitats.

It is a powerful reminder of the importance of collaborative efforts to overcome challenges threatening wild animals’ well-being.

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