Miraculous Rescue: Mama Elephant and Calf Saved from Cesspit Drama on World Elephant Day

On the eve of World Elephant Day, a heartwarming rescue mission unfolded in Taita County near the Teita Sisal Estate, Kenya.

As night fell, an urgent call reached our team about a mother elephant and her calf trapped in a cesspool on a community ranch.

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The recent heavy rains had left wildlife in the area struggling for survival, and tragically, the elephants were drawn to the pit by the scent of water.

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The pit, though sealed, couldn’t bear the weight of the animals. Quickly responding to the distress call, a ground team and the SWT/KWS Tsavo Mobile Vet Unit rushed to the scene.

Phillip Kyriazi of Teita Sisal Estate also provided crucial support with a JCB backhoe to dig a trench and backfill the pit with sandbags.

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Despite challenging conditions, the team worked tirelessly through the night. Initially using the backhoe to break down one side of the pit, they switched to a manual approach to avoid harming the mother elephant.

Hand-dropping sandbags, they assisted her in gaining enough height to lift her legs out of the pit. Throughout the ordeal, the calf stayed calm by her mother’s side.

As the sun set, the team dismantled the walls of the cesspool. The mother elephant, trapped with her calf, heard the cries for help from her anxious baby.

Image 680

Although she managed to rest her front legs on the pit’s edge, she lacked the strength to pull herself up.

In a brilliant move, the team used a strap attached to a backhoe claw to lift the exhausted mother to safety.

Remarkably, the mother displayed no aggression, understanding that the team was there to help.

Image 681

The calf, unaffected by the ordeal, joyfully reunited with her mother as onlookers breathed a sigh of relief.

This heartwarming saga underscored the vulnerability of elephants to human actions and the critical role of positive intervention.

The elephants showcased their resilience with their love, loyalty, courage, and understanding.

Image 682

As they disappeared into the darkness on World Elephant Day, it marked a fitting and happy ending for the brave mother and her robust baby, promising a future full of life.

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