From Swamp Survivor to Proud Elephant Mother: Kinna’s Miraculous Journey

In a heartwarming tale over two decades, we revisit the incredible rescue of a stranded baby calf in Meru National Park’s waterhole.

The story unfolds 22 years ago when a week-old calf faced a difficult situation, trapped in mud under the scorching sun.

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The rescue efforts were successful, but sadly, the calf suffered a burnt ear during the ordeal.

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Fast forward to today, and that rescued calf is Kinna. Memories of her time at the Nairobi Nursery bring smiles as we recall the adorable, innocent creature she once was.

From the nursery, Kinna transitioned to the Ithumba Reintegration Unit, later making her way back to the wild. In March 2017, Kinna became a proud mother, introducing Kama to the world.

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Kinna’s journey from a cared-for baby elephant to a wild matriarch has been awe-inspiring. With a second pregnancy, Kinna recently gave birth to a beautiful calf named Kaia.

The birth was joyously announced by the trumpeting sounds of Kinna, Kama, and Yatta’s former herd.

Kaia, still unsteady on her feet, is a healthy addition to the elephant family. With a pink glow around her ears, the little one spent her first moments browsing under the shade with Kinna, Kama, and their devoted companions.

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At almost four years old, Kama has embraced her role as a big sister, closely following her mother and claiming Kaia as her own.

As Kinna, Kama, and Kaia leisurely returned to the fences, a special feast of lucerne awaited Kinna.

The Keepers ensured she stayed well-nourished, which was crucial for her milk production during the drought conditions. After nursing and a satisfying meal, Kaia dozed off, resting her head on a cozy pile of lucerne.

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Kinna’s journey, from the brink of peril in a muddy swamp to confidently roaming the terrain of Tsavo with two adorable offspring, is a testament to resilience and care.

Kaia’s growth promises a delightful experience, adding another chapter to Kinna’s remarkable story.

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