Enkesha’s Miraculous Journey: From Tragedy to Triumph

In February 2017, distressing news reached us from the Mara about a baby elephant trapped in a snare, its wire tightly wound around its trunk.

Swift action was crucial, and the SWT/KWS Mara Mobile Vet Unit acted promptly. The situation was dire – the snare had nearly severed the calf’s trunk, leaving it hanging by a sliver of skin.

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The choices were tough: amputate, reconstruct, or let it heal naturally. Given the severity, a rescue was the only option to save her.

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And so began Enkesha’s incredible journey with us. The delicate three-hour operation to stitch her trunk was met with an unexpected challenge – even sedated, Enkesha dismantled the stitches, displaying remarkable tenacity.

With over 40,000 muscles, her trunk was determined to heal independently, and with meticulous veterinary care, it did.

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Enkesha quickly stood out as a unique character in the Nursery. Unlike typical mini matriarchs, she preferred an independent path, organizing her day on her terms.

In May 2020, she outgrew the Nursery, coinciding with our plans for Luggard, a young elephant injured by gunfire.

Enkesha and Luggard, friends from the Nursery, graduated from the Umani Springs Reintegration Unit together.

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At Umani Springs, Enkesha continued to lead, exploring the Kibwezi Forest with spirited determination.

Her remarkable ability to adapt, even picking up her milk bottle with her compromised trunk, earned admiration.

Sora, one of her Keepers, noted her transformation from a vulnerable calf to a formidable young leader, expressing hope for her future as a matriarch and mother.

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Enkesha’s impact extended beyond survival; she became a beloved leader for younger orphans.

Her gentle care for Maktao and leadership during outings showcased her calm and capable nature.

The wire loop threatened her life, but today, Enkesha symbolizes resilience and hope, inspiring all who encounter her.

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Her future, once hanging in the balance, is now a testament to the support that made her miraculous recovery possible. Thank you for being part of Enkesha’s journey.

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