A Marvelous Day in Tsavo Baby Elephants’ Grand Arrival and Playful Adventures

Tsavo National Park is adorned with lush greenery, joyful elephants, and abundant waterholes, creating a stunning scene.

Recently, a delightful trio—Mbegu, Lasayen, and Ndotto—embarked on a journey to the relocation unit in Voi, where they will join 20 young orphans, most of whom are females, promising an upcoming baby boom.

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Preparations for loading the elephants onto the moving truck typically begin two weeks in advance.

Mbegu initially hesitated, but the temptation of her beloved Lucerne pellets won her over, and soon, all three elephants were smoothly boarding the truck without any issues.

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On Monday, May 21, in the early hours, the elephants, bathed in the soft glow of suspended lights, were gently guided into the mobile truck.

Accompanied by caring Keepers, they were provided with milk and rehydration salts.

Departing before 3:30 am, the group covered approximately 325 kilometers, making a few stops for fresh greens, and reached the Voi stockade compound by 9:00 am.

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Twenty dependent orphans and Keepers eagerly awaited the arrival in Voi. With careful maneuvering, the truck was positioned, doors opened, and the wide-eyed babies revealed.

After a warm welcome, the young ones, especially Mbegu, stepped out eagerly, ready for another feeding.

The trio was met with an enthusiastic reception from Kenia, Ndii, Kihari, and Naipoki. However, the overwhelming welcome was intimidating for Lasayen, Ndotto, and Mbegu, who struggled to adjust to their new roles.

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Despite this, the Keepers were thrilled to welcome these new additions to the herd.

The picturesque landscape of Tsavo, adorned with wild herbs and white ipomoea vines, became the haven for the three newcomers.

The orphans, accompanied by their delighted Keepers, ventured into the park, where vibrant butterflies, industrious birds, and buzzing bees created a content and satisfying atmosphere.

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During a midday mudbath, the trio encountered a wild elephant herd, marking their first interaction since infancy.

Ndotto took center stage, embracing the playful environment, while Mbegu and Lasayen, more hesitant, enjoyed the water’s edge.

The day concluded as the 23-member herd, including the three Nairobi babies, reveled in a feeding area covered in delectable greens.

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Mbegu, already mingling with the older orphans, and Lasayen, looking up to his best friend Ndotto, marked the end of a remarkable first day in their new home.

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