Miraculous Rescue: Baby Elephant Triumphs Over Illegal Snares

In a poignant encounter with the harsh reality of illegal snares, a young elephant calf found itself trapped on Elkerama Ranch in Central Kenya.

Responding swiftly to the distressing situation on March 26, 2018, the DSWT/KWS Mount Kenya Veterinary Unit stepped in to rescue the calf ensnared by a wire trap cutting deep into her leg.

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Illegal snares, set without discrimination for various purposes, pose a severe threat to wildlife.

This particular calf’s leg was perilously close to the bone, and significant swelling emphasized the urgency of intervention.

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The skilled team, led by KWS Vet Dr. Mijele, first darted the mother to ensure the calf’s safety during the rescue and treatment.

With the mother temporarily sedated, the team worked diligently to free the calf from the snare, clean the deep wound, and administer antibiotics.

The application of natural green clay aimed to expedite the healing process.

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The delicate procedure ensured minimal distress for both mother and calf.

Once the treatment concluded, the team carefully revived the mother, encouraging the calf to stay close as she awoke.

While the wound will take time to heal fully, the successful intervention not only saved a life but also contributed to keeping a family together.

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This heartwarming rescue is a stark reminder of the ongoing battle against illegal snares and the crucial role dedicated wildlife conservation teams play.

Through the support of generous donors, initiatives like the DSWT/KWS Mount Kenya Veterinary Unit can persist in their mission to alleviate the suffering of wild animals and protect Kenya’s precious wildlife.

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