Double Trouble’s Joyous Dip: A Young Elephant’s Playful Water Adventure

Bathing a large animal can be daunting, but a heartwarming incident in Thailand turned it into a delightful spectacle.

A video captured by a tourist showcased the exuberant antics of a young elephant affectionately known as “Double Trouble” during a spirited bath at the Royal Elephant Kraal and Village.

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Despite a slightly clumsy entry, the playful pachyderm transformed a near-drowning experience into a joyous water escapade.

In the video, Double Trouble enthusiastically leaped into the bath, catching its leg on the rim and taking a tumble.

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Undeterred, the resilient elephant quickly righted and splashed around with infectious joy.

It joined a group of mature elephants in a carefree display, turning the situation into an entertaining aquatic spectacle.

But the merriment didn’t end there. The video concluded with Double Trouble gleefully rejoining the water, where a woman and a young girl awaited with a hose.

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After frolicking in the refreshing bath, the elephant mischievously seized the hose with its trunk, prompting laughter from onlookers.

Worth noting is that the Royal Elephant Kraal Village in Ayutthaya, where this delightful encounter took place, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of elephants, including retired ones.

The facility allows visitors, through programs like Elephantstay, to actively engage in the care of these majestic creatures.

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Guides, well-versed in elephant care, offer instructions on feeding, washing, and interacting with them.

The breeding program at the Royal Elephant Kraal, established in 2000, has witnessed over 60 births, including the latest one in December 2014 when a baby boy named Plai Kotchasuwan was born to his mother, Oijai.

The heartwarming video concludes with a touching moment as a woman and a young girl joyfully spray water on the elephant, encouraging it to playfully chase after them with the hose firmly in its trunk.

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