Elephant Oasis: A Strategic Move to Tsavo’s Ideal Habitat Amidst Recent Rains

On the morning of December 7, a momentous event unfolded as three extraordinary elephants—Kauro, Sapalan, and Namalok—embarked on a journey from the Nairobi Nursery to their new sanctuary at the Ithumba Relocation Unit in Tsavo.

The recent rains in Tsavo prompted the decision to relocate these elephants, creating a golden opportunity to introduce them to an optimal elephant habitat while facilitating interactions with older elephants, Ex Orphans, and wild herds.

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Kauro, who had undergone a similar move a year ago due to health challenges, had since fully recovered and eagerly anticipated reuniting with his dear friends in Ithumba.

Accompanying him on this journey were Namalok and Sapalan, recent additions to the Nursery and close friends, forming a trio of older bulls deemed perfect for the inaugural move to Tsavo.

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Despite Kauro’s prior experiences with elephant-moving trucks, a week-long training regimen leading up to the journey ensured his confidence and facilitated the loading process for Namalok and Sapalan.

By 3:00 am, all three elephants were safely loaded, and the convoy set out with exceptional punctuality.

Traveling at night proved advantageous, providing cool temperatures and minimal road traffic.

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The elephants, housed in compartments with easy access to each other, were accompanied by their favorite Nursery Keepers, offering reassurance throughout the journey. Light sedation kept the trio calm, allowing them to feed and move comfortably during the trip.

Upon reaching Ithumba, the elephants encountered diversions due to road construction, slightly delaying their arrival.

Nonetheless, by 9:30 am, Kauro, Sapalan, and Namalok emerged from their compartments to face a new day in their new home.

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Kauro, familiar with the surroundings, radiated joy while Sapalan and Namalok took in the unfamiliar sights.

The trio indulged in milk, a refreshing mud bath, and the company of dependent Ithumba orphans.

Old friendships were rekindled, and Namalok quickly endeared himself to the younger elephants.

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Despite initial attempts at asserting dominance, the elephants acclimated to their new environment, surrounded by lush greenery and abundant food.

For Namalok and Sapalan, who once faced loneliness and abandonment.

Surrounded by elephant-age mates and the presence of wild elephants, they now had the opportunity to thrive, showcasing the positive impact of rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

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As they explored their new haven, the hope for a healthy and joyous future echoed in every step they took in the elephant sanctuary of Ithumba.

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