In Loving Memory of Shukuru: A Journey of Resilience and Gratitude

With deep sorrow, we announce the poignant departure of Shukuru from our lives. After a 12-year battle with mysterious health challenges, her journey found tranquility on Monday, November 29, 2021.

While we anticipated this inevitable moment, Shukuru’s passing leaves an indelible void in our hearts.

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Shukuru, meaning “I am grateful” in Swahili, embodied gratitude throughout her life despite persistent health issues.

Despite her struggles, she held a profound connection with her human-elephant family. Her serene demeanor during the most challenging moments attested to her inner strength.

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Rescued in September 2009 after falling down a maintenance hole along the Mzima-Mombasa Pipeline, Shukuru’s journey took on added significance.

Her survival, thanks to a brave herdsman and compassionate passersby, set the stage for a remarkable life.

In 2013, Shukuru joined the Ithumba Reintegration Unit, but Tsavo challenged her well-being.

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We recognized her struggle and brought her back to the Nairobi Nursery for vigilant care.

After six months, a desire for a more stimulating environment led her to Umani Springs in July 2018. Despite finding sanctuary, her health remained a persistent concern.

Earlier this year, a noticeable decline prompted her return to the Nairobi Nursery for the third time.

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Surprisingly, she found comfort among smaller elephants, becoming a reassuring presence for them. Despite the daily struggle, Shukuru’s resilience brought solace until her final days.

Three days before her peaceful departure, Shukuru ceased feeding and drinking. Despite tireless efforts to revive her, it became evident that she had chosen her path.

On that Monday afternoon, surrounded by dedicated Keepers, Shukuru drew her last breath, displaying a quiet acceptance of the journey’s end.

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A postmortem revealed significant irregularities in her thyroid, a rare and deformed anomaly. This thyroid issue likely contributed to her stunted growth and persistent health challenges. Anemia further complicated matters despite regular medical interventions.

While awaiting additional histopathology results, it’s apparent that Shukuru’s body faced insurmountable challenges as she grew.

In our hearts, we acknowledged that Shukuru might not age into an old elephant, but her passing remains profoundly heartbreaking. For 12 years, she graced our lives with her gentle spirit.

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However, as we grieve, we also recognize that Shukuru’s spirit is now free from the physical constraints that plagued her.

Gratitude fills our hearts for the time shared with this beautiful elephant, even as we navigate the bittersweet realization of her newfound freedom.

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